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Why we bought our All American Canner

Why we switched to an All American canner

Last year we retired our Presto canner and upgraded to the All American canner, model 930.  Our little Presto was a low end unit we bought at Walmart and it served us well.  That little Presto just wasn’t able to keep up with the amount of food we needed to put in our pantry.  As a result we needed to upgrade.

After watching lots of YouTube videos and reading more than a few blogs we decided on the All American model 930.  It is a 30 quart unit that can hold 19 pints or 14 quarts jars.  Canning 14 quarts of those green beans put a big dent in what we have picked for the day.

One good canning session with our All American model 930 would have required 2 sessions with our old  Presto.  While the 930 isn’t the largest model available, yet it still cut our time canning in half.  Additionally, the All American has a pressure gauge and is made in America.


30 quart all American pressure canner
This is a great choice for a dependable pressure canner

When we have a lot of canning to do we set up our canner outside.

 Can you use a pressure canner outside of your gardening season?

Absolutely you can.  If you catch a great bulk sale on meats, vegetables or anything else which you can pressure cook and add it to your pantry.

In addition to what you grow or raise at home, local stores will put items on clearance or have a bargain on  items like beans.  Use that All American canner, and get it added to your pantry.  Watch your local grocery stores for really great sales.  If you keep looking you can probably find enough sales to use your canner often.  Good luck and happy canning

Pressure canner setup outdoors

Setting up a pressure canner outside

A pressure canner like our All American is an invaluable tool for the self reliant gardener. When we have a large quantity of vegetables, like this mess of green beans, to can you’ll find our canning operation moved outdoors. To do this inside occupies the stove for the day and makes the AC work over time to remove all that extra heat and humidity coming off that pressure canner.

We setup our pressure canner is setup right outside the back door to allow us to sit inside enjoying the comfort of the AC while keeping an eye on the pressure gauge and the fire.  This makes it possible to continue our daily routine and still prepare meals in the kitchen.


Using a pressure canner on windy days

On especially windy days we do have to set up a wind block. A strong wind pushes the flame to one side of the pressure canner and makes controlling the temperature and pressure more challenging.  The wind makes it harder to get the canner up to operating temperature, that makes for a longer day of canning.  A strong wind will also cause you to burn more propane.

If its a windy day and you’ve got to put food in the pantry you can setup a wind break.  A crude frame with some sheet metal or even scrap lumber can be fashioned into a functional wind break

I had this camp stove out already but have also used a single burner fish/turkey fryer to run our All American pressure cooker. It’s closer to the ground and actually makes it easier to reach inside the pressure cooker to load it or pull out the finished product. The single burner is about half the cost of this two burner stove I’ve got in the picture below.

All American pressure canner setup outdoors for canning green beans
Pressure canner setup outdoors