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Freeze dry apples

Freeze dry apples

Today we are setting up to freeze dry apples again.  The freeze dryer is still new to us and this and apples are very easy to freeze dry.  An added bonus for us will be that the kids absolutely love them.

Freeze dry apples
freeze dried apples vacuum sealed with oxygen absorber

When freeze drying anything it is important to have the items being freeze dried to be consistent in size.  This ensures everything in the freeze dryer has the moisture fully removed.  This of the utmost importance to ensure it will survive in long term storage.  If there is moisture left inside one large or extra thick piece of food it can cause spoilage.  One piece starting to spoil can ruin everything in the same container with it.

An apple slicer that is designed to be pushed down to core and slice works, but we found the slices were too thick.  The thick slices makes proper freeze drying more difficult and increases the run time on the dryer.  Our first load of apples with the push style slicer and corer took over 40 hours to complete the freeze dry cycle.

Apple slicer, corer and peeler

To get consistent apple thicknesses we bought this little hand operated apple slicer, corer peeler.  It peels, slices and removes the core all at the same time for less than $20.  It includes a section cup base that holds it in place on tables and counter tops.

freeze dry apples

We use ours mounted to the counter on one corner of the sink.  With a mixing bowl placed in the corner of the sink under the device its a simple task to get those apple peels into the bowl.

Because the device cuts the apple as it rotates and moves closer to the cutting blade the sliced apple will be in one long curlicue slice.  Cutting through one side will give you rings.  The rings are too big to go into mason jars easily.  We cut down the middle into symmetrical half moon shapes.  These are bite sized and easily go into and out of short term jars.