Building a few more seedling flats for seedling production 

Today the table saw came out and we quickly constructed a few more seedling flats.  It’s time to bump up a few of the vegetables under out grow lights, starting with the kale. They’re pretty simple to make and relatively inexpensive.  

The flats are 18″ X 18″. The instructions for building your own can be found on page 181 of the MGM book. We used the table saw to cut the two widths of the slats for the bottom of the seedling tray and a pneumatic staple gun to assemble each part. 

4 completed Mittleider seedlijng flats
completed seedling flat
conatucting a Mittleider seedling tray
Mittleider seedling flat

3 thoughts on “Building a few more seedling flats for seedling production ”

  1. Greetings
    I am wanting to start MGM in the spring. Doing a combo of B2E and MGM now. Want to make the flats for starting for spring but just be dense and cannot figure out what lumber this is. Would you be able to specify ?

    1. The sides of the flat are made from 1 by material. The bottom is made from a tongue and groove paneling made for use in closets and such. It’s quite thin material and I found mine at Home Depot. It came in pieces that were about 8 feet long, if I remember correctly. I’m going back to HD the first of next week, I’ll look for a part number for it while I’m there.

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