Switching to sexlink chickens

Last fall we had something kill all of our silver laced Wyandotte chickens when they were locked outside over night.   After some thought I’ve decided to switch to sexlinks.  Each spring I will alternate buying a few of either red or black.  This will make it easy to identify which hens are two years old and need butchered. My second year buying reds will give me black sexlinks,that are a year old and reds that are approaching 2 years and ready for making chicken stock.

Our local farm supply store didn’t have any sexlinks the week we were ready for chicks so we ended up mail ordering them.  Some guy wasn’t paying attention during the ordering process and ordered straight run instead of pullets.   So while these cockerels in the picture with Sid are white they are indeed red sexlinks.  The cockerels will all be butchered in a few weeks

I’ve had the reds in years past and really like their temperament and brown eggs.   Two years ago I decided to try something new and went with the Wyandotte.  I liked them and thought they were a beautiful bird but feel egg production was better with the sexlinks.

The disadvantage to the sexlinks is that they don’t breed back true.  The only way to keep sexlinks around for me will be to buy some each year.  This is why we decided  to butcher cockerels instead of keeping them to propagate the flock. 


Raccoons at the chicken house

i came out to look in the garden to see if rabbits were getting past the electric fence that just went in.  As I came out the door I saw the eyes of 4 raccoons down at the chicken house in the beam of my flash light.  There was an adult and 3 young ones.  I was able to walk to about 15 feet from them before they began to scatter.   This little guy bumped into the bucket while trying to escape and fell into it when trying to jump over the obstacle.

They were eating some corn that got spilled on the ground (you can see it in the picture) and not eating any of our animals.  After showing the girls this young of the year raccoon I trumped over the bucket and sent it on its way.  

So long as they’re not breaking into the coop and killing our critters they’ll not be shot but may be trapped this fall.  


Electric fence to protect the garden from rabbits

Our poor garden is being destroyed by rabbits.  Instead of building a permanent fence around it I’ve elected to try an electric one to deter the little buggers.  I don’t mind sharing but they’ve eaten ALL the green beans

Initially the electric fence will be about 2 1/2 feet tall. If I find they’re smart enough to start going over the top it will be easy to add insulators and additional wire to make it taller.  If I can keep it at this height We will be able to easily step over the fence and not have to bother with turning it off to gain access to the garden

The fence charger needed to be mounted some where that it can be protected from the elements.  Instead of mounting it under the beck porch and running the wire out to the garden I elected to mount it inside a plastic Cabelas ammo container I’ve had sitting around.  My thought process was this would allow me to place the charger right at the fence while cutting down on wire for myself and the family from running into accidentally.  Mounting it inside the ammo can will also provide an easy way to store and transport it.

The wire itself is five rows high.  To prevent it from shorting out on the grass it received some attention from the weed eater to trim all the grass and the application of Round Up to prevent the grass from growing. 

Crazy Horse National Monument

Crazy Horse National Monument

Recently we loaded up the family and drove out to see the Presidents carved in stone and Crazy Horse National Monument.  We started at were impressed with Mount Rushmore and the massive size of those famous heads.  When we learned that the entire Mount Rushmore sculpture would fit on the head of Crazy Horse I was floored.

The story of the Crazy Horse Monument and how it has become a family legacy was inspiring.   Work on this massive monument is slow but it will be truly amazing once it’s accomplished.  I hope the girls will be able to return with me one day to see it completed.

Crazy Horse National Monument
Crazy Horse National Monument
Crazy Horse National Monument
Crazy Horse National Monument

This first picture was taken from more than a mile away.  The white outline of the horses head you see on the side of the mountain is more than three feet wide.  The horizontal surface you see in front of Crazy Horses face is his extended arm that is point to his land over the top of horses head.

I wasn’t aware that the Crazy Horse Monument was being built with private funds.  It is good to see people doing things like this amazing monument with no government funds.  When public funds are put into a project via the government there are always strings attached.

Visiting Mount Rushmore

Visiting Mount Rushmore

Visiting Mount Rushmore was something I had wanted to do as a boy.  Recently we had some time with nothing going on within our hectic schedule.  We took advantage of it and made the drive up to go see this amazing monument.

Visiting Mount Rushmore
Visiting Mount Rushmore

After the girls were out of school for the year we made a trip to South Dakota and the Black Hills to see Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument.   Pictures really do not do either monument justice.  It was a tremendous experience that we all enjoyed thoroughly. Mount Rushmore looks massive, but it is absolutely dwarfed by the Crazy Horse Monument.  It is not far away, try and make time to go and see it too.

It will never be finished

As you wander around the site you will find several different artists renderings of what the completed project would have looked like.  There are no plans to ever honor the original artists wishes and finish the project.  The technology available today would make the task of completing it much easier to finish. I’d like to see the federal government sell Mount Rushmore to the state of South Dakota and allow them to complete it.  They could continue the work of Gutzon Borglum and still allow tourists from around the world to enjoy Mount Rushmore.

Thomas Jefferson Ice Cream

Our third President is one of my favorites despite the many lies that have been attributed to this brilliant man.  When I saw there was a shop there on the monument that was selling ice cream that was made according to Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe I was excited to try it.  Unfortunately the shop was closed for the day and we were not able to buy any and try it.

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