Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018

Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018

If you’re interested in Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018 there only appears to be scheduled.  The class scheduled for this year will be held at the Preparedness University in Kidder, MO.  The class will be held April 9 through the 14th.  To learn more about and reserve your seat go to Jim’s website, Grow Food.

Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018
Tomatoes grown 7 inches apart vertically in a Mittleider garden

Will there be additional class dates or locations

Jim and the Food for Everyone foundation has a very big year in 2018.  If there are additional Mittleider gardening course dates for 2018 I will update this page.  Check back periodically for any updates.

Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018
More tomatoes growing vertically in a Mittleider garden

What will you need to bring?

What will you need for the classes?  Not much.  Enough clothes for the week, boots or appropriate foot wear for out in the garden and possibly for some mud.  You will be using rakes, shovels and other hand tools as well as digging in the soil.  A pair of gloves to protect your hands, if you so choose.  April can still be quite cool and windy in Missouri. Including some clothes for cool and windy weather would be a great idea.

Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018
MGC students preparing to make soil beds

What can you expect from the Mittleider gardening course class

During the Mittleider gardening course you can expect to spend time in the classroom as well as in the garden.  Students will have the opportunity to create their own soil beds.  There will be workshop time where everyone will have the opportunity to make seedling flats and many of the other Mittleider gardening tools.

Mittleider Gardening Course dates for 2018
Mittleider soil beds created with rakes by students

You can see a more comprehensive bulleted list of the topics and activities broken down by shop, classroom and garden time below.

Classroom and Garden Activities:

  • Garden Planning & Preparation (Old school using paper and pencil or high tech using satellite imagery for free, it’s not what you think.)
  • Seedling Production (How to turn that black thumb green and stop killing seedlings.)
  • Understanding Soils (Dirt isn’t just dirt. What you really need to know.)
  • Growing in Any Soil, in Any Climate (How and why you don’t need to do anything different if you know this secret.)
  • Bonus session: Grow year-round using Geo-Air, and building small or large greenhouses – in our own Geo-Thermal Greenhouse!
  • Creating a Mittleider Garden (How and why to REALLY create a productive garden.)
  • Growing in Containers or Grow-Boxes (Like growing above ground? You’ll love this session.)
  • Planting & Transplanting (Master this and you’ll never go hungry.)
  • Watering & Weeding (Made easy!)
  • Feeding – Plant Nutrition (How to source, measure and mix all the nutrients yourself to make your own natural mineral nutrient mix.)
  • Growing Vertically (Grow tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash and other plants vertically? Yes you can and why you should.)
  • Pruning & Caring for Plants (Almost every gardener gets this wrong. Understand how to really prune properly and see your garden explode with food.)
  • Protecting Plants from Weather & Bugs (Got a bug eating your garden? We will share solutions that will stop them in their tracks.)
  • Beating the Competition (How to keep deer, moles, raccoons, skunks, voles, bears, etc. and kids from destroying your garden.)

Lab and Workshop Projects

  • Mini-Greenhouses or Low Tunnels (How to extend your gardening season by 3 months!)
  • Planting seeds for seedling production (Super successful soil mixture, proper plant varieties, hands on practice.)
  • Transplanting seedlings in seedling production (We talked about it in class now you get to do it live and see how your seedlings grow through the week.)
  • Drilling PVC pipe for watering systems (Learn how to prepare your watering pipes super fast and easy.)
  • Installing automated Watering system (You don’t need to be a plumber to learn how to install your own watering system either above or below ground.)
  • Making flats for seedling production (Struggling to find all the materials and tools to make this at home?  Make as many as you want and take them with you.)
  • Making markers for seedling production and garden planting (Make your own garden marker or one for a friend.)
  • Building T-Frames (With the right tools this takes just minutes to make. You’ll learn how to do this accurately and quickly.)
  • Building In-The-Garden Greenhouse (Don’t need a big greenhouse but want to extend your growing? You’ll learn how doing this.)

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