heat sink greenhouse build

Heat sink greenhouse build

We are excited to finally have our start date for the geothermal heat sink greenhouse build. The heavy equipment should arrive tomorrow and the site preparation work beginning on Saturday.   Before starting the project we have some trees that need to be removed to make room for the greenhouse.  They will need to be removed to prevent shading or because they are within the footprint of the desired location.

Monday we should begin work on the actual heat sink portion of this build.  The hole will be dug, our 125 yards of rock will be delivered, and the process of burying two layers of drain tile will begin. Here is the site of our future geothermal heat sink greenhouse.

geothermal heat sink greenhouse build
geothermal heat sink greenhouse build site

Preparing the greenhouse site and heat sink

To prepare the site for the greenhouse we have hired a local guy.  He is going to utilize a track hoe to push over several trees and use a bulldozer to push them all into a manageable pile.  The trees will season throughout the year and then be cut into firewood this fall.

Once the trees are removed the 5 1/2 foot deep hole for the heat sink will be dug with the track hoe.  The topsoil will be set to one side and eventually placed back over the top of our 125 yards of rock.  The clay and any excess soil will be pushed out of the way and spread out over the yard.  They dropped off the bulldozer tonight and the track hoe should arrive tomorrow.

geothermal heat sink greenhouse build
geothermal heat sink greenhouse build

Documentation of the Geothermal heat sink greenhouse build

We will be recording the build process on a couple different cameras.  One will be camera tripod and setup to record the activity around the heat sink site.  I’ll lug around another camera and try and explain the steps and show what we are doing.  Those videos will be posted to our YouTube page during this process.  Subscribe to our channel on YouTube to get notifications of any videos.

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