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tree frog in the garden 

Tree frog blending in on Swiss chard

This cool little tree frog is hunting for insects in the Swiss chard out in the garden.  Each evening I can hear their cool little songs.  No idea how many insects one of these can eat during the course of a week, but I’m glad to have him around.

Tree frog hunting insects in a Mittleider garden
Tree frog hunting insects in a Mittleider garden

Why we grow Swiss chard

Honestly, I am not a big fan of chard.  We grow a small amount of it just to add to our smoothies.  While I may not be a fan of how it tastes, with out question it is packed with nutrition.  It is grown in a section of the garden we refer to as the smoothie section.

Identify your tree frogs

If you too are in North America then you may find this book on identifying frogs and toads  It will help you to identify them by sight as well as recognize them by their song.

garden smoothie section

garden smoothie section

This short part of our row is the garden smoothie section. The Swiss chard and kale are both doing well in the garden, I like to call it the smoothie section of the garden.  A couple times a day I go out and clip some of each.  I take it right inside to the little blender to make one of my favorite smoothies.

It is getting ahead of me and is going to need pruning soon.   If I can’t find someone to take what we prune then it will go into the freezer.

garden smoothie section - Swiss chard and kale
garden smoothie section – Swiss chard and kale

Preserving kale and Swiss chard by blanching

When there is an over abundance of of the kale and Swiss chard we bring it inside and give it a good rinse.  After blanching it in our 16 quart stockpot it will get dunked in cold ice water.  Excess water is strained  and then placed in freezer bags.  The kale get used more often during the cold months in stews at our house, but they work well frozen in smoothies too.

Planning a fall smoothie section of the garden

With the fall season approaching it is time plan our fall garden.  Part of that fall garden is going to be grown under mini hoops to extend our season.  A section of that will be dedicated for our garden smoothie section.

In addition to the chard and kale currently growing we will be adding two varieties of beets and another type of kale.