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My favorite kale smoothie recipe

My favorite kale smoothie recipe with bananas and blueberries

One of my favorite smoothie recipe is also a simple one.  We use various green from out garden, I’ve even got a section just for this  we call the smoothie section.  My go to green leafy vegetable is usually kale.

I’m beginning the process of eating healthier. As part of that process I try to add one or two kale smoothies to my meals daily.  I’ve borrowed bits and pieces from various kale smoothie recipes found online to end up with my go to recipe.  Because I prefer a really cold smoothie the fruit I use is always frozen.

my favorite kale smoothie recipe
my favorite kale smoothie recipe with blueberries and banana

 My favorite kale smoothie recipe

For this recipe I use half a frozen banana, approximately half a cup of frozen blue berries, one half cup of vanilla Greek yogurt and two large kale leaves.  Milk is used to fill the blender container for our NutriBullet to the fill line.   Blend thoroughly and enjoy!

The NutriBullet is necessary.  And to be honest if we hadn’t received one as a gift I don’t think I would have one at all.  With that said I really like it for this task because it helps cut down on my messes and the dishes I get dirty.  Everything goes in the cup, the blender head screwed on and then its blended.  Screw off the blender head, clean it up and then drink right from the cup!

One recommendation is a good reusable silicone smoothie straw.

Other favorite smoothie ingredients

There are several other really good vegetables that I use.  Beet and brussel sprout leaves are really good.  The leaves are good for you and pruning encourages the plant to grow.

Swiss chard is also really good for you but can can give your smoothie a bitter taste.  If you it then make it small quantities.