adult black soldier flies

Our first adult black soldier flies

We have spotted our first adult black soldier flies in our bin! We setup our bin 2 weeks ago and added a started pack of black soldier fly larvae we bought from NW Red Worms. All of the larvae that crawled out of the bin were put in a bucket of sawdust. The idea was to let the first bunch live to become adults. When they return to the bin, their bucket sits under the bin, they will add their eggs and increase our black soldier fly count.

This morning we spotted our first adult black soldier flies inside the bin. Then later today when we checked on them again we spotted three inside the bin. We were really excited to see them and hope there will be lots more over the next few days. Here is a picture of our first adult black solider fly.

Our first adult black soldier flies
This is the first adult black soldier fly we have seen in our bin

Is it one of ours or wild?

I have to admit, I don’t know if this black soldier fly is one of ours. It’s entirely possible that the smell of the barley in the bin has attracted a wild black soldier fly. Either way, we now have mature black soldier flies visiting our bin. Hopefully they are also laying eggs to help churn out lots of food for the chickens.

Even more now

Three days after we spotted our first adult black soldier flies we are seeing 15 – 20 of them at any given time when we open the lid on the bin. So far we haven’t seen any on the cardboard strips we placed there for laying eggs.

As I understand it, the black soldier fly takes about three days to reach sexual maturity after pupation. If my understanding is correct, they should begin mating soon. After that we should begin to see females laying eggs inside the bin. Over the next couple of days we will check the bin and vicinity for signs of mating black soldier flies.

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