Making sauerkraut at home

Making sauerkraut at home

Making sauerkraut at home was something we have wanted to do for awhile.  We have a big crock we could use to make a large batch of sauerkraut. We were concerned that if the large batch didn’t go  well we might waste our time and several cabbages.

After spending some time on Google we found and decided on a kit that allows folks to make smaller batches in their own canning jars.  We can, so we have lots of jars on hand already.  We settled on a kit from Masontops.  This is the Masontops sauerkraut kit we bought off Amazon.

Making sauerkraut at home with the Masontops kit

Making sauerkraut at home with this Masontops kit was far easier than I expected.  The kit comes with a decent recipe book and we elected to begin with the simple recipe.  After working the salt into the shredded cabbage I was amazed at how quickly it began to pull water as it was packed into jars. By the time the jar was half full of packed cabbage there was nearly enough liquid to cover the cabbage.

The glass weight that comes with the Masontops kit fit inside the neck of the jar and easily pushed the shredded cabbage below the brine.  The quart sized jar we made should be ideal for our family.

Ideally the salt shouldn’t be coarse but we had this already and it didn’t have iodine in it.  In this picture below we added the salt and worked it into the shredded cabbage by hand.
Shredded cabbage and salt

The shredded and salted cabbage is being added a little at a time to the quart jar and packed with the wooden packer.  If you look you can see the water that is being pulled out of the cabbage at the bottom of the jar.  The shredded cabbage needs to be fully submerged in the brine solution for the fermentation process to occur.

Salted shredded cabbage being packed into Ball canning jar
Making sauerkraut at home with Masontops sauerkraut kit

The finished product ready for fermenting

Here all of the shredded cabbage has been added to the jars and then covered with a cabbage leaf.  A glass weight will be added will push all the shredded cabbage under the brine solution.   It will be placed in a dark pantry closet and checked weekly for 3-4 weeks until ready.

Making sauerkraut at home with Masontops
Making sauerkraut at home with a Masontops sauerkraut kit in canning jars