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Does it matter what direction your rows run

With a Mittleider garden and a little planning it doesn’t matter if your rows run north and south or east and west.  It’s more important to lay out your rows so they run with the contour of your land.  In a Mittleider garden your rows need to be level.  By orienting your rows with the contour of your property it will end up being less work for you to get the beds level.  

The changes we made to our in garden green house

During our time with the Mittleider in garden green house I’ve changed a few things about it and added my own personalized touches to it.  I’ve outlined these things in this little video we shot today.  

We built the in garden green house from the instructions provided in the Mittleider Gardening Course book.  We don’t provide a supplemental heat source to it, but are able to increase our growing season by about 6 weeks.   It allows us to start planting hardy plants 3-4 weeks before our average last frost of the year.  After the first frost of the year it also allows us to continue growing and protecting our vegetables by simply closing it up and protecting the plants from the cold.  On a sunny day we can easily see temperatures inside the in garden green house rise 30 degrees above the outside temperatures. 

Harvesting kale and storing it in the freezer

Today We made it out into the garden to harvest kale. It was a muddy mess but we’ve got a mess a fresh kale ready to start putting in the freezer.  The 3 inches of rain we received in 24 hours made a muddy mess but didn’t damage the crops in the raised Mittlieder beds. 

harvesting kale from our Mittleider garden
harvesting kale from our Mittleider garden

kale washed and ready for the freezer
kale washed and ready for the freezer


Honey bees for our garden from swarm traps

My brother had two honey bee swarm trap out on his property and both of them had bees in them this week when he checked them.  He covered the entrance holes to the swarm traps last night with screen and brought them to my house today. We are excited to have the amazing little pollinators here at the house.  Here are a few pictures.

moving bees from swarm trap into their new home
frame of brood removed from swarm trap
frame of brood, honey and pollen
placing drawn comb and brood in a frame
honey bee swarm trap

Red fox hunting outside our back door

Last night I had finished outside for the day and had come in to call it a day and sort out dinner.  Half way through the task of taking off my boots I heard a noise outside that I couldn’t easily recognize.  Upon reaching the back door the investigate I saw this red fox 20 feet from the door.  
Since all our chickens were already killed I went and grabbed the video camera instead of the shotgun.  There is some great video of it using its amazing hearing to try and locate a meal.  The kissing sound you hear towards the end of the video mimmicked a rodent distress sound.  It had heard me move and ran off.  I was able to get it to come back with that sound.