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tree frog in the garden 

Tree frog blending in on Swiss chard

This cool little tree frog is hunting for insects in the Swiss chard out in the garden.  Each evening I can hear their cool little songs.  No idea how many insects one of these can eat during the course of a week, but I’m glad to have him around.

Tree frog hunting insects in a Mittleider garden
Tree frog hunting insects in a Mittleider garden

Why we grow Swiss chard

Honestly, I am not a big fan of chard.  We grow a small amount of it just to add to our smoothies.  While I may not be a fan of how it tastes, with out question it is packed with nutrition.  It is grown in a section of the garden we refer to as the smoothie section.

Identify your tree frogs

If you too are in North America then you may find this book on identifying frogs and toads  It will help you to identify them by sight as well as recognize them by their song.