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Smoothie section of the garden is doing well

The Swiss chard and kale are both doing well in the garden, I like to call it the smoothie section of the garden.  A couple times a day I go out and clip some of each and take it right inside to the little blender to make one of my favorite smoothies.  It is getting ahead of me and is going to need pruning soon.   If I can’t find someone to take what we prune then it will go into the freezer.

My favorite kale smoothie recipe with bananas and blueberries

my favorite kale smoothie recipe
my favorite kale smoothie recipe

I’m beginning the process of eating healthier. As part of that process I try to add two kale smoothies to my meals daily.  I’ve borrowed bits and pieces from various kale smoothie recipes found online to end up with my go to recipe.  Because I prefer a really cold smoothie the banana and blue berries are frozen.

 For this recipe I use half a frozen banana, approximately half a cup of frozen blue berries and two large kale leaves.  Zero percent milk is used to fill the blender container for our Nutri-bullet to the fill line.   Blend thoroughly and enjoy!