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Green beans are nearly ready

They’ve been growing like mad recently and I’m excited to get to enjoy some very soon.  They’re not quite ready but there are lots of them this size.  It won’t be long now!  We’ve got two 30 foot rows of them spaced 3 inches apart.  There should be lots to eat and plenty to pressure can for the pantry.

green beans in a Mittleider garden
green beans in a Mittleider garden

July 20th update – 
We’ve got green beans!  They’ll be picked today and canned tomorrow.  

Starting green bean seeds

We are late in getting these seeds started, but today we got enough seeds in grow boxes that we can do one full 30 foot grow bed in bush beans.  There are 9 rows in this seedling flat with 15 seeds in each row.

Notice the old vegetable can with sand and a white handled spoon sticking out of it?  IRS my preferred method to cover those seeds with wet sand.  It cover the seeds and the use the back of the spoon to even out the sand with the growing medium.  The sand, when wet, just doesn’t shake out of the can easily.  

After the picture was taken the rest of the seeds were covered and the seedling flat was covered with burlap.  We water the seeds daily through the burlap seeds sprout.  The burlap diffuses the water and helps prevent the seeds from being washout out of the sand.

Want to build your own seedling flats?  See this blog entry.

starting bean seeds in a Mittleider seedling flat