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Repairing wind damage to metal roof on barn

We had a bad mess of wind that blew through and did a little damage to the roof on our old barn.   It didn’t rip the roofing off entirely but did pull most of the nails out of it.  A ladder, impact driver and metal roofing screws had those two pieces re-secured.  Many others had nails nearly pulled free.   

And here is the roof after a half pound of roofing screws had been driven into place.  The screws should hold up to the wind better than the roofing nails.  

Time to plan the 2017 garden!

I had an order of seeds from Mountain Valley seeds arrive recently.  This weekend we will be sitting down and planning our garden for this year.  Once we have decided what we will plant I’ll begin setting up the grow lights and getting everything ready to start seedlings.  

We are going to plant less of everything this year.  We had too much and couldn’t keep up with everything which made the garden suffer as a whole.  Much of what we plant will be a 1/3 to 1/2 of what we had last year.  

Boot sole repair with the Sew Awl kit

My boots had the toe area of the sole coming off and in need of repair.  A Shoe Goo repair worked temporarily for a week or so.  I’ve finally broke out the Sew Awl kit and made a more permanent repair.  It doesn’t look like professional work, but my little home repair saved me a trip to the city and dropping them off and waiting a few days for them to get fixed.  We shall see how well, and how long, my repair holds up.   

Being able to repair our own items, such as this boot, is an example of skill set I think is worth having.  I’m far from skilled at it, but stuff like this set difficult to learn and is a terrific skill set to have.  
Sole repair needed on this boot

Tree frog in our cauliflower 

I was in the garden last night pulling weeds, squishing bugs and pruning leaves touching the ground when I came this little guy.  They camouflage so well and have the coolest song.  No idea how many insects it will eat, but any help is more than welcome.  I’ve found a few toads as well since the garden starred to really grow.

green tree frog in cauliflower
green tree frog in cauliflower